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I create smooth, top quality geometric animation loops for VJ performances! Each loop comes with DXV3, DXV Normal Quality, HAP, HAP Q and MP4 versions to maximize compatibility and performance across different machines and software. I release new content several times a month so follow this page for updates!

To see more of my art, check out:

Usage rights: These are to be used by the buyer only (no sharing or re-distribution)
Live VJ performances: Use these loops however you want!
Social media uploads: Credit UON Visuals in the video or description.

$10+ a month

UON 1080p60 Resolume DXV Subscription

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UON 1080p60 Resolume DXV Subscription

UON Visuals
7 ratings

For $10 per month you get a download link to every 1080p loop as I create and upload them to my store, even before I release them publicly. I typically add between 8-12 loops a month, which means you save up to 85% and have an ongoing stream of fresh content to use!

The loops you receive are encoded in Resolume's DXV format at 1080p60fps, and they are usually 15-30 seconds long.


- Besides the most recent loop I've sent, this subscription only sends you the loops I release after the point you sign up!
- If you cancel your subscription, you still have access to the previous loops you've been sent (you can access them in your gumroad account)
- If you sign up and don't shortly receive the most recent loop I've sent to subscribers, check your junk mail folder. There was an issue in the past where gumroad emails were being marked as spam.

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